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Courses Policy

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MTO Approved Online and IN-Person Course Policy

  1. Computer Literacy Requirement

Basic computer literacy is essential to navigate this online course.

  1. Registration and Agreement

By registering and submitting your entry for the BDE, you acknowledge that you and your parents/guardian (for those under 18 years) agree to the policy.

  1. Refund Policy
    A refund can be requested if you have not started any portion of the course (a $ 50 administration fee, however, will apply ). No refund after the start of any course activity online, in-person or in-car.
  1. Instructor Guidance

The instructor may verbally and physically assist or direct the student to steer or stop the vehicle for safety reasons.

  1. Package Changes

Changing packages may involve additional costs.

  1. Photography and Recording

All training activities may be photographed and recorded for training and marketing purposes.

  1. Pickup and Drop

Free pickup and drop are provided in Barrie, Bradford, Innisfil, Orillia, and Vaughan only. Extra charges may apply to other areas. Students from other areas must notify at the time of registration.

  1. Course Completion Timeline

The online class (20 hours) and homework (10 hours) must be completed within a maximum of 2 months .Extra fee will apply if online is not completed in 6 months.  In-car training will start only after completing this portion. The entire course must be completed within 8 months. Extra fee will apply if course is not completed in 8 months.

  1. In Car Completion Time

The average completion time for in-car will be indicated based on your location. In car completion may take up to 3 months in high season.

  1. Express Package

Students wishing to expedite the process can inquire about the Express package through email.

  1. Drive Test Centers

For Economy and Gold package students, the drive test center for Vaughan is Downsview, for Orillia it is Orillia and for all other locations, it’s Barrie. Students must coordinate with their In-Car Instructor before booking tests. Booking at a different location requires coordination with the school and extra charges apply.

  1. Non-Adherence to Policies

Failure to adhere to MTO and/or school policies will result in discontinued training without a refund. Students will not enter into any private deal with any instructor or employee. Only payments submitted to Road Safety Canada will be accounted for.

  1. Training Progress Inquiry

Only the person who submitted the registration can inquire about training progress through text message or email (using the registered email and number). All inquiries must be directed to or through text to 647-244-1967. Always mention your Driving License number and ID number.

  1. In-Car Lesson Cancellation

A $ 50 charge applies for canceling in-car lesson(s) with less than 24 hours’ notice.

  1. Payment Plan Policy

Payment planners must read and agree to the payment plan policy and will adhere to number of payment sent to them through email.

  1. Certification

All students will receive certification within 10 business days after completing all components. Please note when student is certified he / she downloads certificate from MTO’s website or obtains from Service Ontario. The school will not issue any certificate.

  1. Declaration

All students declare that they will not take any medication that can affect their driving ability during in-car sessions. In case the in-car instructor finds a student impaired, emotional, or in a medical condition, their driving lesson may be canceled, and the lesson will be charged.

All registered students declare that all information submitted to Road Safety Canada are accurate and consent to the release of any information contained herein to the Ministry of Transportation, Insurance Bureau of Canada, and the MTO Course Inspector. It is deemed that when a student submits registration he/she and parents / guardian as the case maybe have read and understood the above information and agree with the rules and conditions.