Refresher Training Courses in Barrie

At Road Safety Canada, we understand the importance of continuous learning and staying updated with the latest driving techniques and regulations. Our refresher training courses are designed to provide both new and experienced drivers with an opportunity to brush up on their driving skills. Whether you’re a seasoned driver seeking to boost your confidence or a new driver looking to improve your road safety knowledge, our specialized refresher driving lessons are here to cater to your unique needs.

Comprehensive Refresher Driving Courses in Barrie

Road Safety Canada offers comprehensive refresher driving courses in Barrie, catering to drivers of all levels of experience. Whether you have recently obtained your driver’s license or have been driving for years, our courses will help you stay up-to-date with the best practices in road safety. Our refresher course driving school in Barrie combines theoretical knowledge with practical on-road training. In the classroom, you will learn the latest traffic laws and regulations, refresh your understanding of road signs and signals, and gain valuable insights into defensive driving techniques.

Additional Basic Drivers Education Courses

Winter Driving Courses
Winter-focused driver’s education courses tackle challenges of winter weather. Seminars, workshops, and special classes available for interest groups. Some seminars may be free for parents of registered students. Scheduled in September/October.
Seniors Driving courses

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Courses for Impaired drivers

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Specialised drivers training for organisations

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Why Choose Our Refresher Training Courses

Choosing our refresher training courses offers several advantages that go beyond simply updating your driving knowledge. Our experienced refresher training instructors will assess your current driving abilities and identify areas that may need improvement. We tailor the training to address specific challenges you may face on the road, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized learning experience.


Throughout the course, you will gain insights into the latest traffic laws and regulations in Ontario. Our refresher training lessons cover essential topics such as defensive driving techniques, road signs and markings, handling adverse weather conditions, and understanding right-of-way rules. By the end of the driver refresher course, you will feel more confident and better equipped to handle various driving situations, making you a safer and more responsible driver.


Email to Info@Roadsafetycanada.com or Text @ 647-244-1967 for questions

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Boost Your Driving Skills Today

Refresh your driving skills and become a safer driver with our refresher training courses in Barri. Road Safety Canada offers specialized lessons that cater to both new and experienced drivers, helping you stay updated with the latest road safety knowledge and regulations. Enroll now to enhance your driving abilities and embark on a safer and more confident driving journey. Drive responsibly with Road Safety Canada.

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